Consulting and Auditing
You benefit from our experience in complex and heterogeneous infrastructures. In an ideal world, our experts accompany you when designing your target architecture to avoid compatibility problems. You already have a history and you have to deal with that legacy. In this situation, our experts audit your environment and deliver a list of recommendations (technical and financial) to optimize your environment.
In the continuity of the so-called "Consulting and auditing" interventions, our experts put in place the recommendations that have been delivered to you. The mode of intervention varies between flat rate (fixed perimeter) and technical assistance (open perimeter). Our interventions result in a transfer of skills whose objective is the reappropriation of the information system by your teams.
Support and Accompaniment
Because we never leave our customers alone, our experts intervene continuously to implement new services and / or functionalities. Similarly, and because a computer environment is constantly evolving, we intervene for acts of preventive (frequency to be fixed) or curative (management of emergencies) maintenance.


After a few years working with free and open source companies and facing the "growing pressure" of our customers, we decided to create a company whose positioning would be focused on technical expertise. Indeed, many players have made their job integration of open source solutions, but they are, quite rarely, to offer exclusively a high level of expertise. It is in order to fill, in part (we do not pretend to be unique), this gap that we decided to create Worteks (\ vɔʁ.tɛks ). Worteks' objective is to bring together and put at the disposal of its clients high-level skills in this sector, which is essential for information and communication technologies.
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In parallel to its R&D activity on Free Software and Open Source, Worteks intervenes with its customers, for short periods (and according to a defined granularity), in order to contribute in the design and implementation of infrastructures. Our architects, thus, build the foundations of the IT and advise their clients in their choice of technical and strategic orientations. For other clients, they reorganize architectures in situations of failure and / or optimize the existing ones. This atypical mode of operation allows us to count, already, among our references more than thirty major companies and communities. As we are agnostic, in terms of sector of activity, our clients are major players in the public sector, business services, retail, distribution, industry, media, air transport, the bank, insurance, ...

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