Our fields of expertise: a global approach

Consulting and auditing

You benefit from our experience in complex and heterogeneous infrastructures. In an ideal world, our experts accompany you when designing your target architecture to avoid compatibility problems. You already have a history and you have to deal with that legacy. In this situation, our experts audit your environment and deliver a list of recommendations (technical and financial) to optimize your environment.


In the continuity of the so-called "Consulting and auditing" interventions, our experts put in place the recommendations that have been delivered to you. The mode of intervention varies between flat rate (fixed perimeter) and technical assistance (open perimeter). Our interventions result in a transfer of skills whose objective is the reappropriation of the information system by your teams.

Support and Accompaniment

Because we never leave our customers alone, our experts intervene continuously to implement new services and / or functionalities. Similarly, and because a computer environment is constantly evolving, we intervene for acts of preventive (frequency to be fixed) or curative (management of emergencies) maintenance.